December 29, 2011

Media Representations of Teachers/Teaching/School

Begin with Communication Theory and Lasswell’s Model.  (Lasswell Handout).
View collection of media representations of teachers from YouTube Playlists below.

Analyze and evaluate how teachers, teaching/learning, and schools are represented in these film, television, and news clips. 

Describe how teachers, students, or administrators are portrayed broadly across the media; get started by generating a list of adjectives to describe the teachers.
  • Are the representations realistic? Why or why not?   
  • What common characteristics do you notice about teaching and learning?
  • Which actors/characters seem the most accurate to your personal experience in schools over the years?  Why do you think so?
  • Which characters seem least realistic?  What makes them unrealistic?

Describe a memorable scene or clip.  
  • What makes it memorable?  
  • Is this scene realistic in its portrayal of teaching/learning?  Explain why or why not...?

After Viewing, generate a definition of teaching and learning according to the media representations.

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